Mandera Police Kill Two KDF Soldiers In Friendly Fire

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Two soldiers were killed on Wednesday in a shootout with AP officers at Sheikh Barrow in Mandera County.

Local administrators said the Kenya Defence Forces troops were felled by friendly fire.

“The APs returned fire after coming under attack by the soldiers who mistook them for bandits. They had been having lunch at their camp when the incident took place,” one said.

Six other officers were airlifted to Nairobi with injuries.

The bodies were also transported to the city by air.

The terrorists earlier tried to attack a General Service Unit camp in the area but were repulsed.

KDF set up bases in the area to help flush out al Shabaab terrorists, who have seriously injured and killed many since Kenya joined the African Union Mission in Somalia in 2011.

Mandera, Lamu, Mombasa, and Garissa are among counties that have borne the brunt of the militants’ attacks.

On January 2, four security officers were killed in a suspected al Shabaab attack in Mandera.

Two police reservists and an AP died at the scene while another KPR died while being rushed to the hospital.

A senior police officer said the attackers waylaid the cops along Elwak – Kitulo road.

President Uhuru Kenyatta declared Kenya will take part in the peacekeeping mission until Somalia stabilizes.