University Student Killed In Her Class!

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(—Amina Hussein Hassan Is Mercilessly Killed In Her Class, While Listening To Her Lecturer’s Presentation At University Of Somalia (UNISO) In Mogadishu, Somalia Today.

It Was April 16, In This Year, When Ismail Addow, A Lecturer Of UNISO, Was Killed Nearby The University.

On December 7, 2013, A Ugandan Lecturer Was Also Killed In UNISO Bus, Minutes After She Went Away From UNISO Compass At Industrial St.

Likewise, On 21 August, 2013, A Swedish Ann Margareth Levih,  Was Wounded At UNISO Minutes  After She Presented A Seminar For Students In The University.

On April 6, 2014, Dr. Nafisa Hashi, A UNISO Health Science Graduate, Was Killed Nearby Her House, Minutes After 3 Men Entered Her Home And Then Took Her Out As They Gunned Her Down.

Not Only That This Is Against UNISO, But There Are Other Attacks Against University Students, Lecturers And Staffs, Which Occurred In Mogadishu, Somaliya.

A Day Before, Deeqa Dahir, A Nine Years Old Boarding Student, Was Killed In Mogadishu’s Safest Area, KM4 Junction, When She Was In Her School Bus To The Boarding.