International Community’s Support And Financial Corruption Of Somalia…

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All In World, Millions Of Somali People Live From Other Country They Called Home, And Putting Everything At Stake To Flee.

As Somali Fighters Continues To Be Responsible For Horrific Acts Of Violence Against The Somalia Community — Acts That A U.N. Official And International Community Created Camps To Save The Life Of Somali People And Also They Responsible For Their Daily Life; Of Them They Got Resettlement Of Other Country While Others Still Refugee Up To Now.

Kenya Is Now Home To Over 600,000, Uganda Is Over 2000, Yemen Is Over 950 And Also Other Countries Somali Refugees, Somali Refugee Creating A Situation That They Integrate To Other Societies Live Those Countries. Somali Refugee Also Built Good Relation And Spread The Best Image To Attract Other Society.

However, Our Society Developed Their Idea And Their Professional To Contribute The Activities And Development Of Society.

Here Are Some Innovation Somali Refugees:
Create Their Own Business
Investment Their Home
Send Money To Their Relatives
All Mentioned Above, You Would See Everywhere You Go Now.

Whatever, Leaders And International Community’s Meet In London Previous Months, This Conference Include Somalia And IMF, World Bank And Created Somalia Fund Checkers To Prevent Fraud Or Corruption And Somalia Displace Transparence Account So The Reader Where Offer Of International Community Funds To Support Somalia So My Opinion Is Short International Support Can’t Just Be For Refugees, It Must Also Help Improve The Standard Of Living For Somalia Communities Thus; Infrastructure, Innovation, Jobs Creation Of Youth And Help Displacement To Return To Their Home.

The International Community Should Immediately Assist Discover Somalia Resource Like Oil, Coal, Minerals And Also To Cultivate Their Farms To Improve Societies In All Sides.

Somalia Is Now Recovering From Most Corruption Existed In The Government And Display Good Administration In Finance. Protect Financial Corruption Of Somalia Is Also A Major Issue; The Contributing The Stability Greatly Development Of Government Finance Transparence. Now Government Take Steps Forward To Reduce The Corruption Existed In Government Officials Tolerate Illegal Activities In Return For Bribes.

Government Must Take An Action To Correct Main Sources Of Funding And Re-Innovating To Improve Equipment Like Customs, Port ,Immigration Are Generate More Revenue, Put Efforts To Clean These Custom, Port And The Airport Remain Major Source Of Corrupt Income.

Government Must Suppose An Economic Agenda To Support International Communities, (EA) Is An Important Tool For The Economics Society To Encourage Investment And Create Economic Activity And Business Initiate Development.

Governmental Recommendation

To Cleaning The Corruption Of Customs, Port, Immigration

Government Bring Transparency And Accountability To Become Trustable Government
To Build Infrastructure Like Roads, Ports And Airports.

International Community’s Recommendation

Most Corruption Existing International Community’s Must Treat The Corruption
Contribute Economic Growth Public And Private.

Create Transparency Jobs

Support Youth Innovation To Generate Revenue

Mr. Abdifatah Dahir Harun

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